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Urpinas Disgorging Dispensing model L-400

Linear machines with automatic loading and unloading for the disgorging, emptying, liquor dispensing and filling for bottles of all formats (37.5cl, 75cl, 150cl and specials) for a production between 300 and 1700 bottles per hour Automatic machines with horizontal movement of “Methode Champenoise” bottles designed to perform the disgorging, emptying, liquor dispensing and refilling operations with cycles of one, two, three or four bottles depending on the model. The in-line construction allows the various operations to be carried out with the bottles open the minimum period of time. General features: – Machines completely made of stainless steel – Machines totally careened – Control touch screen – Machines controlled by a programmable micro processor – Cleaning CIP – Bottles loading station independent from the disgorging station – Cycle of 1 bottle – 2 disgorging arms – 1 emptying nozzle – 1 liquor dispensing nozzle – 1 refilling nozzle – Production between 300 and 500 bottles per hour ——————————————————————————————————— Máquinas lineales con carga y descarga automáticas para el degüelle, vaciado, dosificado y rellenado de botellas de 37,5 cl., 75 cl., 150 cl. y especiales para producciones de 300 a 1700 botellas/hora Máquinas automáticas con desplazamiento horizontal de las botellas “Metodo Champenoise” previstas para efectuar el degüelle, vaciado, dosificado del licor de expedición y rellenado en

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